The Alyse Collection is made to enhance any outfit. Therefore our products should always be put on last when getting dressed and taken off first when getting undressed. 


All of The Alyse Collection bracelets are made with high quality semiprecious stones and gemstones. These materials are cut from natural sources and the use of perfumes, colognes, chemicals, lotions, and hairsprays can alter the natural state of the stone. Therefore our pieces are highly sensitive to water and wearing them  while swimming, showering, sleeping, tanning, and in a pool or sauna should always be avoided. By doing any of the following will weaken and or break not only the natual stat eof the stone but also the elastic cord that it is connected to. 

In order to ensure the life of your new product please roll the bracelet on or off your wrist. Pulling, stretching, or tuggging overtime will cause the bracelet to weaken and eventually break. We recommend to clean the beads of the bracelets with mineral oil and to wipe it off with a soft white cloth in order to ensure the beauty. 


The nature of all metal causes brass to develop a natural patina from the exposure of oxygen and skin. All of our chains are made with metals and brass and therefore should be treated with the utmost care since they are fine and very delicate. Please do not pull or tug on them because they can therefore become weak and or break. Also, avoid using lotions, perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays when wearing The Alyse Collection necklaces. By applying any of the following items may cause the metals of the chains to tarnish and change its coloration.  To preserve the look of our necklaces, keep it clean and dry, and in the original packaging it came in. 

The Alyse Collection is deisgned and  handcrafted  in New York. Every product is made with natural materials, therefore they may be a slight difference in variation due to the nature of the elements.