Our Mission

Started from a simple hobby, our mission is to provide our customers with high quality jewelry for a reasonable price.  Put together by hand, we incorporate beautiful semiprecious stones and gemstones with one-of-a-kind metals and charms. We aim to provide people with unique pieces while also making a difference in people's lives. Every stone and charm embodies a positive energy and luck and we believe that our pieces make a differences to our wearers' lives.

Every bracelet not only makes a difference in your life but in someone else's as well. 

Our Story

Started in 2011 from a simple hobby, The Alyse Collection has cultivated a fashion - forward crowd of individuals all over the metropolitan area and college campuses, and it's still growing. The Alyse Collection is a line of handcrafted jewelry for those who are confident, free, and adventurous. Made with natural elements, the collection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings evokes an ethereal essence that compliments individual styles and personalities.


Brittney Rutigliano I Designer & Founder 

Born and raise in New York, minutes away from one of the world's fashion capital, Brittney has pursueded her hobby into a career.  As a little girl, Brittney had a hobby where she would make ankle bracelets and sell them for $1 in order to donate money to pediatric cancer research. In 2011, she was inspired by her childhood designs, Brittney went back to her hobby, creating a collection that would inspire confident, free, and adventurous individuals.

By incorporating an ethereal essence in her natural element pieces, Brittney has turned this hobby into a career, selling her designs at reasonable prices for college girls just like her and incorporating her inner childhood activist she used to be, by donating a portion of her sales to charities in order to make a difference in some way.